Membranes such as PEM or MEA will determine electrolysis in the future.

Our membranes already meet the EU's 2050 targets.

1 kilogram of hydrogen is already produced with 43 kilowatts of electricity when using our membranes and, thanks to our innovative technology, with significantly greater stability our new membranes.


->       20~30% improvement in Efficiency


->       Working at Higher Current Density (Higher than 3A/Cm2 )


->       Studies made by University and worldwide market leader


->       Laboratory-test      -       passed


->       Onfield-test            -         passed


->       Longtime-stresstest (>3.000 hours)    -      passed


->       2023 selling membranes to different market leaders


43kW => 1kg H2


-  excellent energy efficiency

   -  reduce energy consumption 

                   -  higher density

                   -  more hydrogen