Green Hydrogen


Our solutions empower the energy revolution

In a world increasingly focused on decarbonisation, combating climate change and achieving sustainable energy solutions, technological innovation is required. As nations worldwide strive to meet exceedingly ambitious climate goals and transition to cleaner energy sources, green hydrogen stands at the forefront of this global shift. 

Our mission at mediaTTor:

Making green hydrogen accessible and practical

Driving innovation for a cleaner energy landscape

Empowering a sustainable future with green hydrogen

In our relentless pursuit of advancing the hydrogen cause, we channel our dedication into carefully selected projects and strive to succeed in our endeavor.

Join us as we introduce the impactful projects that are pushing the boundaries of hydrogen and propel us towards a sustainable future. 

Explore the future of membrane technology with us and discover how our membrane project and its cutting-edge solutions are reshaping industries and applications across the board

Introducing a game-changing leap in ammonia processing - our innovative ammonia cracking procedure. In a world where sustainable energy and efficient production methods are paramount, we're excited to unveil a groundbreaking technology that promises to reshape the ammonia industry